Pet Photo Shoots

Pet and Family Photo Shoots

A photo shoot for your horse or pet can take anything from one to three hours, depending on your requirements. Once you have seen the images, you choose which ones to purchase and how you want to display them. There is a plentiful choice of framed fine art prints, canvases, box frames and albums, all handmade using acid-free, archival quality materials so they will last and last. I will be there to guide you on what would work best for each image and help you design something beautiful for your home. You will also receive digital versions of each photograph you buy.

If you are looking for photography for your business, you need to look here. All my photo shoots include much more than just the time in front of the camera.

Before the Photo Shoot

Before the day of a shoot, I will meet to talk through ideas and what you want from the photo shoot. I believe this meeting is very important for the shoot to go as smoothly as possible, in order to meet your expectations. Ideally, I will get to meet your pet too!

Things to consider:

  • Who will be photographed and any specific shots you would like me to take
  • Personalities of all involved- especially if somebody feels uncomfortable or camera shy
  • Where the photo shoot is to take place
  • Whether you are looking for wall art or an album and how you would like to display it
  • What to wear on the day. The ‘right’ clothes can make a huge difference to the final look of the photographs
  • Any other issues or concerns that you want to raise

The consultation leaves as little as possible to chance on the day itself. I find that if we have already met, the session in front of the camera is more relaxed.

During The Shoot

My photo shoots are fun and informal. The aim is for everyone to be themselves, so the images will show their personality and unique expressions.

After The Shoot

Two weeks after the shoot, you have a private viewing of the images in the comfort of your own home. This is when you decide which photographs to purchase and display beautifully on your walls or have made into an exquisite album.

See examples from my range of fine art frames, canvases, box frames and albums.

You will also receive digital copies of all the images you purchase.

The fee for the photo shoot is £95.

Contact me to find out more and arrange a consultation. You can bring your pet too, even your horse!